MathPro Τest(The Mathematical Profile Test), the first online group administered interactive computer-based standardized numerical battery for primary school children designed to sketch out individual mathematical profiles as well as to detect gifted children in maths or to identify children at risk of difficulties in mathematics or Dyscalculia.

MathPro Βooks: a series of innovative books for educators, specialists, parents and children which presents several learning strategies in basic mathematical areas , such as mental calculations, fractions, decimals, word problems delivered by everyday experiential activities and authentic materials. MathPro Books promote differentiated learning based on individual strengths and thus can help all students gain a better understanding and fluency in mathematics.

MathPro Research: for researchers who are interested in assessing a broad area of mathematical skills. It constitutes an innovative and almost automatized method of conducting and monitoring assessment of children’s numerical development.

MathPro Training: experiential training seminars and workshops to educators (regular classroom teachers, after-school coaches, clinicians who offer remedial intervention) about how to differentiate their teaching to the students with different mathematical profiles.

Our Team

Creators of the MathPro Test

Dr. Giannis Karagiannakis University of Athens

Prof. Marie-Pascale Noël UCLouvain Belgium

Researchers working with MathPro Test

Ass. Prof. Petros Roussos University of Athens

Ass. Prof. Anna Baccaglini-Frank University of Pisa Italy

Prof. Bert De Smedt KU Leuven Belgium

Prof. Luisa Girelli Università di Milano-Bicocca Italy

Prof. Cristiano Termine Insubria University Italy

Creators of the MathPro educational program

Dr. Giannis Karagiannakis University of Athens

Anny Cooreman Director Eureka Leuven school, SEN teacher

Ομάδα Εκπαιδευτικής Υποστήριξης

Ioanna Stroumpouli, MEd, SEN teacher-Εducational planning and implementation

Maria Skandali, MPsy, SEN teacher

Maria Karagianni, MPsy, SEN teacher

Informatics & Technology Team

Simon Meurs Artificial intelligence programmer

Alexandros Liatsos Wed-developer

Graph Design Team

Christina Tsiri Graphical Designer

Zoe Tsiri Animation designer

Anna Balta Graphical Designer