MathPro Education is an UpToDate and innovative educational approach for teaching Mathematics based on the different learning profiles of children in mathematics.

To whom is it addressed?

MathPro Education is aimed at educators, experts, researchers, schools and parents.

What's the rationale?

MathPro Education is based on a student-centred educational philosophy that emphasizes the diversity of each child and recognizes that each child has different cognitive strengths in general and in mathematics in particular, which build their individual learning profile in mathematics. At the core of MathPro Education is the principle that every child can learn and love mathematics, as long as they are taught it in the way that suits them, that is, in the way they best understand it.

How is it differentiated?

The key element that differentiates MathPro Education from other teaching methods is that it proposes alternative strategies for teaching mathematical conceptsand processes through an experiential way. In addition, it suggests different ways of solving mathematical exercises and problems, demystifying one and only method of teaching and one and only way of solving, which often discourage even children who love Mathematics, when they find it difficult to follow practices that do not fit their profile and often do not understand.